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Updated Version of Space Debris Paper Available

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A revised version of my paper „Tackling the Space Debris Problem: Practical Proposals from a Global Commons Perspective“ is now available for free on ResearchGate.

Here’s the abstract:

The growing amount of space debris raises risks of collision cascades in low-earth orbit which threaten to make orbital bands permanently unusable. But even though this has been known for over four decades, there has been little progress in governing the problem. This paper proceeds from the assumptions that space is a global commons and that calls for a centralized form of management are unlikely to succeed. In line with other recent research, we call for a more polycentric approach to orbital debris governance which is both effective and more feasible than other proposals. Based on an Ostromian framework of global commons management, the paper outlines practical proposals to make the international governance of space debris more sustainable. We suggest that empowering lower-level actors, especially from the private sector, to participate in decision-making and strengthenting linkages among actors to facilitate collaboration are key to improving the global governance of orbital debris.


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