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Schlagwort: Global Commons

Sustainable Space – Talk in Bonn, 24 May 2023

Quick reminder: My talk on space sustainability and the governance of space debris and space traffic at CASSIS Bonn is in two weeks. This will be a nice follow-up to the second Schader workshop from March. I’m not sure if the event will be streamed or recorded but if you’re in Bonn, be sure to say hi. All the details:

The Territorialization of the Global Commons

In 2021, Carlo Diehl and I published an article called „The Territorialization of the Global Commons“ in the Zeitschrift für Internationale Beziehungen, the journal of the IR Section of the German Association for Political Science. The official version is here and an ungated version is over at ResearchGate. We compared governing regimes for five commons: the high seas, the deep seabed, the atmosphere, outer space, and the poles. Our finding was that the two „classical“ modes of governing these spaces beyond national jurisdiction – division into sovereign territory, and internationalization – had been supplanted by what we call „functional territorialization“,…

Outer Space is not the Wild West

Last week, I had the pleasure of convening a workshop on space policy at the Schader Foundation in Darmstadt. Marieluna Frank and Arne Sönnichsen have written a brief summary of events over at the SichTRaum Network website. In addition, Heise online features a short article by Hans-Arthur Marsiske, who took part in the discussions. And finally, the WeltraumWagner podcast has just put a two-hour episude about threats to satellite infrastructures featuring some of the discussions at the workshop. The next workshop will focus on ecological approaches to space and how to govern the orbital commons. It is scheduled for 27…

The New Space Age

The world is entering a New Space Age. Much like the original Space Age of the 1950s to 1970s, we are poised on the brink of momentous changes – not all of them good. Instead of being a forward-looking symbol of hope, the New Space Age is characterized by ambiguities, conflict, and contingencies. It is in this spirit that I am co-organizing a workshop series at the Schader Foundation (Darmstadt) together with Stefan Selke from the Public Science Lab (Hochschule Furtwangen). The goal of the series is to discuss social science perspectives on space and spaceflight. When compared to technical…

Associate Fellow at PRIF

I’m happy to announce that since December 2022 I am an Associate Fellow at the Research Department International Security at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF/HSFK). There, I will mainly contribute my expertise on space security and emerging technologies to expand the Department’s growing profile at the intersection of science/technology and peace/security. A secondary focus will be on Anthropocene security in the global commons, which builds upon my earlier work on territorialization and regime dynamics.