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Checking in from the Virtual Tour Bus

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A few months ago I noticed that I had accumulated a series of speaking engagements, conference presentations and panel discussions. In what seems like the only logical response, I announced a Fall/Winter Tour. I have now passed the midpoint and since some people on Twitter (remember Twitter?) and LinkedIn expressed interest in one or the other of these talks (also tour shirts – still figuring those out), I want to use this post for direction how to find more info.

The Territorialization of the Global Commons

  • Based on this paper (in German)
  • A recording of the talk will shortly appear as a podcast

Agency Claims and Recognition Dynamics

  • Matthias Hofferberth and I are currently revising the paper and it will appear as a journal article probably sometime in 2023. If you’d like a draft version, please email me.

Tackling the Space Debris Problem

Spatializing the Russian Invasion

Die Auswirkungen innerstaatlicher Konflikte auf die Weltgemeinschaft

Tomorrow I’ll participate in a panel discussion on digital sovereignty and internet fragmentation. More on that and the other upcoming talks in due course.


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