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Politics of (Dis)Connection Online Discussion – 8 February

I will take part in an online discussion event on the „Politics of (Dis)Connection“ this Wednesday. It was originally scheduled for last November but had to be rescheduled due to technical difficulties.

Can the internet, the original network of networks, resist the contemporary strain, or was it built to accommodate these differences? In this talk three expert scholars on this topic, Daniel Lambach, Francesca Musiani and Fernanda Rosa, will give their views on the politics of global connection, its limitations, its future, and its discontent. Their talks will be discussed by one of the founders and prominent researchers of the fields of internet governance, Milton Mueller.

My introductory statement can be found here.

The event starts at 8pm CET. Sign up here:

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  1. […] Yesterday’s discussion about internet fragmentation and digital sovereignty was fantastic. Francesca Musiani and Fernanda Rosa brought really interesting perspectives to the table – one from a European STS scholar, the other from a Latin American anthropologist – and Milton Mueller was an incisive and insightful commentator. (Go read some of their writings, they are all very good!) The event was livestreamed on Youtube and a recording will be made available shortly. […]

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