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Schlagwort: Teaching

Coaching in Higher Education

Did you know that I am not just a political scientist but also a coach for teachers in higher education? And that you can hire me? My specialties are inverted/flipped classroom scenarios and active learning techniques. You can find all the details and more on my new page for Higher Education Coaching.

Introducing the Flipped Classroom Workbook

In addition to my political science research, I am also interested in the scholarship and practice of teaching & learning. A decade ago, I became interested in the flipped classroom. I implemented in my own teaching and, together with colleagues like Caroline Kärger and Achim Goerres, began to write about it. Nowadays, I run flipped classroom workshops for other higher ed professionals. To help workshop participants flip their classes I’ve put together a Flipped Classroom Workbook that guides them through the process. I’m releasing it under a Creative Commons NC-BY-SA 4.0 license so you can download and share it for…