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Monat: August 2023

Advisory Board Member of the „Commons in Space“ Conference

Since 2021, the International Association for the Study of the Commons has organized an annual online conference on the „Commons in Space“. The organizers have kindly invited me to join the advisory board and I am happy to support this effort to bring the space policy and the global commons communities closer together. Incidentally, it is still possible to submit contributions to the 2023 conference which will be held on 15-17 November. All details are available at

Me at the „Critical Infrastructure Interdependencies“ Conference

I’m happy to present my research on Global Critical Infrastructures at another event in nearby Darmstadt following on from September’s SPS conference. The conference is entitled „Critical Infrastructure Interdependencies: A ‘System of Systems’ Approach“ and is organized by the KRITIS Research Training Group at TU Darmstadt. The conference will take place on 14-15 November 2023 and registration is open now. Sign up and meet me there!

The Discourse of Emerging Technologies

As part of our Tech War project, we are looking at technologies that attract particular political attention. In a previous post, I’ve sketched a theoretical framework how and why technologies become salient in international politics. But which technologies become status symbols? Previously, I have argued that emerging technologies are ideally suited for that. They are forward-looking and indicate modernity and capability. They are also uncertain and it is precisely this uncertainty that makes them amenable to the kinds of „leadership“ and „competition“ narratives we are interested in. Emerging technologies as Discourse We use „emerging technologies“ as a shorthand to refer to…