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My IR Section Conference 2023 schedule

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I’ll be at the 2023 Conference of the International Relations Section of the German Association for Political Research which is held this week in scenic Friedrichshafen, barring any Deutsche Bahn shenanigans. My schedule has become quite the thing:

  • On Wednesday I’m a discussant on Panel A4 „Transnational Infrastructures and Global Order“, commenting on papers by Alke Jenss and Benjamin Schuetze, Jana Hönke, Marieluna Frank, as well as Joscha Abels and Leo Bieling.
  • After that, I’ll be on Panel B2 „High Tech Politics: Technologie zwischen Global Governance und Großmachtkonkurrenz“, which I have co-organized alongside Maximilian Mayer. Kai Oppermann and I will present a paper on our Tech War project. There will also be contributions by Maximilian Mayer and Laura Mahrenbach, Carola Westermeier, and Timo Seidl.
  • I start Thursday on another Panel that I organized – C6  „Interdependence and World Order: Does Globalization have a Future?“. Matthias Hofferberth will present our paper on post-globalization alongside papers by Stefanie Walter and Giorgio Malet as well as Tobias ten Brink.
  • This is followed by Panel D5 „Decision-shaping and decision-taking in Global Governance: Who gets what kind of say and why?“, which I will (mainly) chair. Matthias Hofferberth presents our paper (forthcoming in Historical Social Research) on relational agency in global politics, and there will also be presentations by Cornelia Ulbert and Anna Holzscheiter.

Say hi if you’re in the area! Also I’d be happy to share any and all papers if you’re interested.


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