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The New Space Age – Second Workshop on Space Sustainability

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The „New Space Age“ series continues! On 27 March 2023, the second workshop takes place at the Schader Foundation in Darmstadt. It’s still possible to sign up (apart from the ESOC visit, where the deadline has passed) at

The focus of this workshop moves from issues of space safety and space security to the no less important challenge of space sustainability. Numerous satellites are placed in orbit by public organisations and private companies. Their remnants later orbit the Earth as space debris and endanger other objects or future space stations. At the same time, moons and asteroids are becoming the focus of mining ambitions in space. Who benefits from these developments, who loses, and how can competition for space resources be managed in a sustainable and equitable manner?

If you’re interested (and can speak German), join us in Darmstadt! The first workshop was a real highlight of my year so far.

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